What Clients Say

I had the pleasure of working with Rob whilst at Spark Digital. Rob came into a business that was complex and the rapidly changing customer dynamics meant that significant change was needed.

One of Rob’s talents was to simplify much of that complexity and break problems down to addressable components. Rob was our CFO, but given his engineering background he could see right through the customer value chain from “sale” through to “service and/or product creation”, truly understanding each step. This assisted the business to understand what needed to be done underpinning an improvement in performance.

Rob is a good human being, with a strong sense of fairness, what is right and is very earnest. He does not play politics. This meant that he engendered trust and confidence of stakeholder groups and played a significant role in the ‘re-engineering’ of the business for success in the digital marketplace.

Tim Miles - Chief Executive, Spark Digital

Rob has provided great value to Chorus.  He is excellent at organising complex information and making sense of it. He can combine both commercial, financial and technical/engineering perspectives and pull it together into a coherent picture.  He doesn’t just analyse issues he provides great insights. He’s excellent at working with internal teams to take on board their ideas. I would highly recommend Rob to other organisations facing complex strategic or commercial situations.

Kate McKenzie - Chief Executive, Chorus

Rob has helped us with a challenging range of work over a couple of years, with that work regularly reviewed at an executive and board level.  Rob has been very effective at working across the organisation and with external parties to focus the work, integrate the perspectives from different disciplines into a coherent commercial picture, distil and constructively work through issues and then pull the conclusions together into a crisp story for key stakeholders.  Rob has added a lot of value and I wouldn’t hesitate to call on him again.

Andrew Carroll - Chief Financial Officer / GM Customer Network Operations, Chorus

Here at SecureCom we’ve used Rob and the Scaling Up model to help us achieve our growth aspirations. The programme has exceeded my expectations. It has delivered clarity and specific, measurable goals with a discipline and cadence that kept us on track, and in turn, has been instrumental in meeting our growth goals.  If you’re a mid-sized business looking to grow, I can’t recommend Rob highly enough.

Greg Mikkelsen - Director and Partner, SecureCom

Rob has added a lot of value to the companies that I work with as a Director and Shareholder. The structure and methodology of Scaling Up combined with Rob’s style and experience have provided real value add across a range of areas. If you’d like to scale your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Rob.

Andrew Turnbull - Director and Shareholder, APD, Kayasand, and NanoLayr

I can’t recommend Rob and the Scaling Up approach highly enough.

Rob first guided us through a two day workshop using the Scaling Up approach. Our team had a basic understanding of the principles but Rob excelled in bringing out key points to develop our strategy.
Since then Rob has continued to be involved in our business. Through Rob’s coaching and effective delivery of the processes, our team has embraced Scaling Up with the benefits of giving us clarity and focus. Rob will continue to be a key contributor as we move forward, and is a large reason for our success.

Kim Bevins - General Manager, Bridge It NZ

It is so important to remember to work ON the business and Rob has been an instrumental part to connecting our team with the business and developing a clear journey to our goals. I have seen great growth within our Managers following our Scaling Up programme and this has set great foundations for future growth.

Sandra Mu - Co-Founder and Managing Director, Jump Trampoline Parks

We’ve just begun working with Rob on our ScalingUp journey. It’s been everything we hoped for and more. Rob breaks down the ScalingUp methodology in such a simple and effective way. After our first full team Strategy workshop we’re more aligned as a team and business than we’ve ever been with such a clear path forward. I can’t wait for the next 12 months as we continue to work together to scale riders&elephants.

Jeremy Dean - Founder, riders&elephants

Rob we are so grateful for your support and work clarifying a way forward for our organization.  You have such a gentle approachable relatable manner and were able to herd the squirrels of our thoughts into something incredibly useful.   We are so grateful that we got connected with you and we highly recommend you to anyone wanting to scale up their business but who are struggling to identify a clear path forward.

Mandi Lynn – Founder, ClickHappy