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Helping the leaders of mid-sized Auckland companies build businesses they love

Business Consulting Auckland

RGM Consulting specialises in providing business coaching and consulting services to mid-market businesses across the Auckland region.

Are you the owner or leader of an Auckland-based company, who’s looking for a better way to grow your business? Do you feel like you’re making all the decisions yourself, and you’re working day and night to keep the wheels from coming off? Do you need to attract and retain better talent in your business? Would you like to generate more profit and cash for your efforts?

We’re experts at helping the leaders of mid-sized Auckland companies build businesses they love. We’ll help you create strategic clarity, align and engage your team, embed the disciplines of relentless execution, and drive material improvements in profit, cash and valuation.
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Scaling Up – the Growth System for Mid-Market Businesses

Grow your Auckland-based business with the help of an experienced business coach. We use the internationally-renowned Scaling Up growth system to help you achieve your goals more quickly, and with less drama and stress. Learn more .

The Scaling Up approach uses powerful yet simple tools which cover the four decisions every business leader must get right to successfully scale: People, Strategy, Execution and Cash. Learn more.

We’ll work with you and your leadership team to craft a marketing-dominating strategy by tapping into best practice from thought leaders like Jim Collins, Patrick Lencioni, Liz Wiseman, Francis Frey and Verne Harnish. We’ll help you implement a cadence of disciplined execution, and use the Rockefeller Habits framework to take your business from good to great.

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Our Auckland Business Coaching Expertise

Auckland is New Zealand’s commercial engine, contributing just under 40% of New Zealand’s GDP, and home to around 1/3 of the workforce. Auckland is the base for a large proportion of the mid-market businesses which are the powerhouse of the New Zealand economy.

RGM Consulting serves multiple clients in the wider Auckland region, across many industry sectors.

We’re particularly active in areas with a high concentration of commercial and industrial businesses such as Rosebank, Highbrook & East Tamaki, Penrose, North Harbour, and the Auckland CBD. This gives us a unique opportunity to see trends and developments across different sectors, and to share insights and learnings from one industry to another, to help our clients.

Our Founder and Managing Director, Rob Morris, has lived and worked in Auckland for many years. He brings over 20 years of senior business leadership experience, coupled with an approachable, down to earth style. He combines this with a wealth of global best practice resources, IP, and tools, to deliver remarkable value to NZ business leaders. Learn more

Success Stories

Many businesses across New Zealand are currently enjoying improved team cohesion, growth, and profitability thanks to our help. But don’t just take our word for it. What matters most is what our clients say.


"When you’re deep in the business, worrying about margins, recruitment, product development, customer satisfaction, people, happiness, you tend to miss the view from the bridge. Rob has given this back to us." Chris New, Chairman

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PCL Group

"Rob has helped educate the team on how to help support me to grow the business and, at the same time, grow themselves. His work in getting people to let go of their own little area and help in the wider business has been invaluable. If someone was in a similar position to myself, I would say – get Rob on board. He will help you spread the risk on your business away from yourself." Greg Ward, Managing Director

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"One of the reasons Rob is a great coach is that he doesn't give you all the answers. He forces you to question things, helps surface them, gives you a new perspective. That approach and maturity is really important." Greg Mikkelsen, CEO

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Bridge It NZ

"Rob’s advice on remodelled pricing and understanding and embracing risk has more than doubled our net results. I could talk all day, but in the end, what I appreciate most is his ability to really listen and understand what drives us, what makes us who we are and get everyone along for the ride." Kim Bevins, Business Manager

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