Tailored Business Consulting

Tailored Business Consulting

Trusted strategic, commercial and financial advice to large NZ organisations.

As well as Scaling Up business consulting to mid-sized companies, we provide independent advice to large NZ organisations. We have a track record of delivering value in complex commercial situations across both hyper-competitive and regulated environments.

We’ll help your organisation navigate critical strategic and commercial situations by simplifying complexity and leading or coaching your team towards the optimal outcome. Situations we’ve managed include:

  • Formulating strategy
  • Achieving and managing growth
  • Business transformation, performance improvement, and turnaround
  • Balancing risk and reward in complex, high-value commercial contracts
  • Mergers and acquisitions

We’ll take the time to deeply understand your business situation and the perspectives of your key stakeholders, and then draw on our experience and training to tailor an approach that delivers maximum value.

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Engagement Examples

Examples of business consultant services to large organisations include those below. Our work is normally carried out under confidentiality agreements, so there’s a limit to what we can say about previous engagements. We’re happy to arrange referrals to past clients who can tell you more.

Example One

NZX Top 20 Company

For this client, we examined a major shift in the competitive landscape, identified and quantified the threats and opportunities this presented, and formulated a response. This included running multiple presentations and workshops with their Executive team and Board.

Example Two

NZX Top 20 Company

In this instance, we worked closely with the Executive team, Board, and other external advisors to help our client navigate a large, strategic acquisition opportunity.